If I didn't define myself for myself, 

 I would be crunched into other people's fantasies 

 for me and eaten alive 

 - Audre Lorde - 

about me

i am a radical feminist from the nlaka'pamux and dine' nations. i like to:

  • make art;

  • read, write, think, do, and say things that i think are important

      (even if i'm not supposed to);

  • ask why and why not;

  • laugh at my own jokes;

  • read and appreciate writing and art from the women's liberation movement (the real one);

  • do things on my own terms.

i work on very serious and painful issues on a daily basis. i find serious and non-serious fun whenever i can.


it has taken me a very long time to gather most parts of myself together. it's also taken a very long time to do so without debilitating fear.

i am currently phding at concordia university in montreal and i have a lot of thoughts and feelings about that.


 it doesn't have to be perfect 

 what matters is that you showed up and said it 

 - Phillipa Ryan - 



making new stuff these days.


 i have never tried that before 

 so i think i definitely should be able to do that 

 - pippi longstocking | astrid lindgren - 


i am currently a phd candidate in the department of communications studies at concordia university in montreal. i started in one place, learned alot in the middle, and then realized i was doing my research upside down. regardless, here is a summary of my research proposal:


From a radical feminist perspective, this project looks at the ways prostitution connects to other forms of male violence and processes of colonization, the impacts of different prostitution legislation on women*, particularly Indigenous women, and seeks recommendations that move us closer to ending all forms of male violence against women. This project is guided by an academic committee and a women’s advisory committee (WAC) that is made up of prostitution survivor researchers, advocates, and Indigenous feminist leaders in Canada.  The WAC is made up of Trisha Baptie, Fay Blaney, Eden Green, and Jackie Lynne.

Titled Unspeakable: The Prostitution of Indigenous Women in Canada**, this project will result in a written thesis and a film with discussion guide that will be available to interested groups. 


  i'm a feminist 

 i've been a female for a long time now 

 it'd be stupid not to be on my own side 

 - maya angelou - 




I've been published in the Globe & Mail, Policy Options, Herizons, and Feminist Current. I have also published articles as an author and co-author in peer-reviewed academic journals and in the edited book Feminism and Art History Now: Radical Critiques of Theory and Practice.

i write occasionally in my occasional blog.

if you or your organization are seeking to hire a consultant with expertise in indigenous feminism, art-making, or public speaking, please get in touch to discuss your needs. I can accommodate a range of budgets.


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